2009 Asian Gaelic Games

Suzhou "Eire Og" GAA club traveled to there first Asian Gaelic Games in Bangkok and put Suzhou on the map.  Due to this being our first tournament we were bottom seed in our group which included top seeds Shenzhen, Vietnam and an experienced Japan B team.  With a 9am start the first night was an earlish night with thankfully our captain Derek "right over left" Swan getting to bed.


Suzhou 2-5 Japan B 0-3

In Suzhou's first match the midfeild partnership of Wooey and Swaner controlled the center of the park and gave Suzhou the basis of an emphatic win.  Mick O'Hagen settled the nerves of Suzhou with a couple of early points and then a high ball into Niall McGuinness caused serious problems for the Nippon defense and the rugby tackled him to the ground for Swaner to put the resulting penalty into the top corner.  Just before half time a great ball over the top had the Japan keeper stranded in no mans land and Joseba calmly lobbed the keeper for a brillant goal.  The second half was a lot closer but with Mick, Kevin and Swaner clipping over points Japan never looked like catching Suzhou


Suzhou 0-7 Shenzhen 1-7

In Suzhou's second match they went up against the top seeds Shenzhen who were beaten in there first match against Vietnam.  With some rain between matches the underfoot conditions were slippery as was the ball.  With a close opening half, they teams went in even.  In the second half Suzhou lead by a point for must of the match with Shenzhen staying in contention.  A goal with the last kick of the game ended with Shenzhen winning by 3.


Suzhou 1-8 Vietnam 2-3

Suzhou got into there stride quickly pick off points to rush into a 0-4 to 0 lead.  Vietnam stepped it up coming towards the half and they had two goal bound shots saved by the author.    Suzhou went in at half time 4 points up but conceded a goal just after half time after the keeper pulled off another mighty save but couldnt hold onto it and the rebound was calmly put into the back of the net.  Suzhou put more pressure on and soon got there reward with a Joseba goal.  Vietnam pulled another goal back but it was too little too late as Suzhou held on for a 2 point margin.


Suzhou 1-7 Taiwan 2-2